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Our High Performance Engines

We are true engine enthusiasts and are passionate about all the high-performance engines derived from the earliest VW engines, especially Porsche, Denzel, and Okrasa. One of us, Richard, is writing two books on the subject, one focused on running dimensions and specifications (intended for mechanics) and the other a volume showing nearly every component side-by-side with all its counterparts and commentary on how to pick out one part from another. (Text giving assembly advice is also in the works but it hasn't been decided yet into which volume it will go.)

Our philosophy is that engines should be ready to be "run hard and put away wet."

About our engines:

In addition, we offer the following services, performed on our own Stuska water brake Engine Dynamometer:

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We have set up some pages to provide information on the following:

Richard has been building high-performance VW based engines since the late 1970s, and began building Porsche, Denzel, and Okrasa engines in the mid 1980s. He began building them for others starting in 1990. His engines are well known, even famous in some communities, and he has served clients from as far afield as Germany and Australia. We are now offering completed engines and sometimes the associated parts.

We have experience rebuilding a wide variety of air-cooled engines, ranging from the immediate post-war Volkswagen engine from 1947, right through the Porsche 911 era, but we focus building Porsche 356, Okrasa and Denzel engines. Our priorities on rebuilding any engine are on reliability and authenticity. If you wanted the ultimate in performance, you'd buy a modern Porsche or an exotic of some kind, but you, like us, are interested in the vintage machine. You want the engine to be as it was "back in the day," though a few unseen improvements for performance or reliability are often welcome. You want it to look great and run well, and never have to worry about it. Our philosophy is that they should be ready to be "run hard and put away wet." So, we do all our work presuming that the throttle will be either at idle or wide open most all the time.

The old saying is: Reliability, Performance, and Economy - pick any two! And this saying is true regarding our engines. Our focus is on the first two: Reliability and Performance. If you want a cheap engine, go somewhere else - you'll do us all a favor. But if you want a vintage engine that's authentic, runs great and is reliable at reasonable cost, you've come to the right place.

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